About Us

Created in August of 2018, JMU Sports News was the brainchild of Bennett Conlin, a 2018 JMU alumnus. Bennett quickly added Jack Fitzpatrick, a 2019 alumnus, into the mix. The two of them put together newsletters, host podcasts and write on this website. Both Jack and Bennett have experience working with The Breeze, JMU’s student-run newspaper, as well as JMU’s MadiZONE. Jack’s also worked within the athletic department creating graphics and working games for several years.

Bennett Conlin covering the 2016-17 FCS National Championship in Frisco, Texas.
Jack Fitzpatrick working a football game for JMU’s MadiZONE.

The goal of JMU Sports News is to cover all of the athletic programs as thoroughly as possible from an objective view. While we both certainly attend many games as fans, we understand the distinction between being a fan and a member of the media covering the team. On this site, we hope to do the ladder. Even if we aren’t attending games as members of the media, we hope to provide unbiased coverage from wherever in the world we are at the time and share level-headed opinions with our readers and listeners.

We created JMU Sports News because we see a bright future for JMU sports media. As the athletic department continues to build elite programs and the loyalty and size of the fanbase rapidly grows, we believe there’s a need for increased JMU coverage across the board.

JMU Athletics covers their teams thoroughly and adequately, but there’s certainly going to be bias coming from the school itself. JMU Sports Blog covers the team’s from a fan’s perspective better than we could ever hope. The Breeze covers the athletic department extremely well, although frequent turnover (sadly you have to leave The Breeze when you graduate) makes it hard for more than a few years of knowledge of the programs to accumulate within the staff. The Daily News-Record does an unbelievably good job covering JMU football and basketball, but you’ll rarely see a DNR writer at a field hockey or volleyball game. HERO Sports is another entity that covers JMU football exceptionally well.

Our goal isn’t to replace any of these necessary and wonderful media outlets. Our goal is to cover ALL of JMU’s athletic programs thoroughly. This means we’ll collaborate with these outlets whenever possible because we want to hear their take on JMU sports, especially since they’ll have a close view of these programs. We believe we can add to the current JMU sports media coverage by helping share their content, while also providing original content.

While it might seem like a stretch right now, we believe it won’t be too long before JMU’s athletic department starts getting frequent media attention from the likes of ESPN, The Washington Post and The Athletic. If we’re able to help JMU fans digest all of this media better, while also adding original content, we think that helps the JMU fanbase as a whole. That’s our goal.