JMU Football Roundtable: Marshall Week ($)

Image courtesy of JMU Athletics Communications

By Bennett Conlin

Sorry for the delay this week, folks! But we’re here with a quick Saturday morning roundtable discussion between Bennett and … Bennett. 

What’s your top negative takeaway from JMU’s loss to Georgia Southern?

Bennett: The secondary. The Dukes allowed 578 passing yards to Kyle Vantrease, struggling to stop passes all over the field. I knew JMU had some concerns, especially with such young corners, but I was surprised at how much the unit struggled, especially in the second half. JMU has work to do in the secondary if it wants to finish atop the Sun Belt East standings.

What’s your top positive takeaway from the loss?

Bennett: Resiliency is a great quality to have, and the Dukes possess it. After falling down 34-24 (even after taking a 14-0 lead), the Dukes rallied and led 38-37. Yes, they eventually lost, but there’s something to be said for not giving up.

JMU showed that same quality when it scored 29 unanswered to beat App State. It’s a sign of a good program when the team doesn’t fold under adversity. That’s obviously a positive takeaway for this season, but it’s one that hopefully lasts next season and beyond, when JMU will be eligible to play for Sun Belt titles and in bowl games.

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