How to Watch JMU-Utah State

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By Bennett Conlin

JMU football moved to 3-0 on Saturday with a 16-14 victory over reigning Sun Belt champion, Troy. The Dukes stay on the road this weekend, making a trip West face Utah State, a 1-2 team out of the Mountain West Conference.

Plenty of JMU fans are amped about the Dukes’ start to the season, and they should be. JMU knocked off UVA and Troy in back-to-back weeks, which each win coming down to the final possession.

There’s a good chance fans are looking forward to watching JMU-Utah State on Saturday. There’s also a good chance JMU fans will ask, “What is that??” when learning the game will air on the Mountain West Network.

We asked the same question. Here’s the answer.

The basics

Let’s hit on the basics quickly before sharing more detail on the Mountain West Network.

Kickoff: 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, Sept. 23

Location: Logan, Utah

Network: Mountain West Network (this game will not air on ESPN+)

How do I watch the game at home?

The Mountain West has its own “network,” which streams a bunch of games across numerous sports. Here’s the most important thing to know about the Mountain West Network: It’s free.

JMU fans won’t have to pay to stream JMU-Utah State.

It’s an easy platform to access as well. JMU fans can watch the games on their computers, phones, or tablets easily through this link.

The Mountain West Network also has an app. If you own a smart TV, you can download the Mountain West Network app and stream JMU-Utah State on there.

While I had never heard of the Mountain West Network before this season, the process of viewing games on the network looks easy. And I won’t complain about a free streaming service.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Three Notch’d Brewing for their advertising support this season.

How else can I watch the game?

Well, you could always attend the game! I’m sure there will be some West-Coast Dukes at the contest, as well as some East-Coast die-hards who love following the program.

Tickets for the game are still available.

If you want to watch the game with a group of people and you have no interest in downloading the Mountain West Network app, you can hit up one of the JMU-Utah State watch parties.

JMU Alumni Association chapters are hosting watch parties this weekend, including three in Virginia and one in New York City.

Can I re-watch the game?

If you’re reading this section, you’re officially a JMU football sicko.

I fall into this category, as I often enjoy watching portions of a game back to re-watch important plays or look at other aspects of a play I missed in real time. ESPN+ does a great job of providing broadcast archives for fans who want to re-watch events.

It appears the Mountain West Network also archives games. You should be able to re-watch JMU-Utah State if you fall asleep before the game ends or are a lunatic like me and enjoy watching JMU games multiple times.

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