Dukes Mafia? JMU Fans Take Page Out of Bills Playbook, Help Others

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By Bennett Conlin

Buffalo Bills fans are a rare breed.

The passionate fan base is known in part for their amazing tailgates and jumping on plastic tables. Bills fans are wild, but they’re also kind-hearted. The collection of fanatics often donates to a charity of an opposing team or player, spreading joy rather than hate on game days.

After beating Baltimore in the playoffs this season, Bills fans sent donations to a charity that Ravens QB Lamar Jackson works closely with in the Louisville area. Jackson became involved with the charity during his collegiate career.

The gesture is fantastic, and it’s one our friends at JMU Sports Blog wanted to mimic.

Every week this season, the JMUSB guys will pick a charity for fans to support. The charitable organization will often be local to the team or program facing the Dukes’ football team, and sometimes the organization might be in the Harrisonburg area.

The idea? Band together as a collection of crazed JMU football supporters to help others during a pandemic.

We love the idea. We’ll help how we can, and we’ll likely write a short post each week as a reminder.

This week’s charity

Greensboro Urban Ministry is the organization of choice this week. JMU faces Elon this week, which is just a short drive from Greensboro, North Carolina. Our guys at JMUSB are familiar with the organization, which gives us all the confidence in the world that we should be tossing our money toward it.

For more information on the organization that helps people in need of food, shelter and solutions, here’s the organization’s website.

How to donate

The most important question of all!

To donate, click here.

You can also donate by texting “ROOTIN” to 707070.

We understand that not everyone is able to donate during a pandemic, and we appreciate anyone who can lend a hand during this time. If you can’t donate, feel free to spread the message of the JMUSB fundraiser each week. You may spark someone to donate themselves!

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